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Simple logic dictates that it is necessary to train closer to absolute failure, ie, with " ultra-high " intensity. Every amateur bodybuilder wants to know the latest training programs, supplement guides and get more information about anabolic steroids. However, it is a level of stress is the most traumatic. Let's talk about the details repetitions.

If you practice a small number of reps per set, it is very dangerous to be the first repeat. I think it is clear why. Firstly, you have not had time to " enter " in the exercise mentally, and can therefore disrupt the technique - . Impatiently pull weight from the bottom point, skew bar, etc. Secondly, you can warm up badly.

Still, you should be careful at the end of the set. You should try some steroids for sale to understand which one suits you better. Even if you perform repetitions slowly and smoothly, without giving weight acceleration, risk of injury still persists. For example, you press a barbell lying and " stuck " at the sixth repetition, but continue to " hang back " to bring forward to the end. One hand we stronger than the other, so that at the time of peak force you will inevitably skew the bar. At the same time one of your shoulder a little break away from the bench, and this under a huge weight is enough to damage the shoulder joint.

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In fact, the correct technique is extremely important at any level of intensity, but the intensity is higher, the technique is more important. Weight training offers women a number of benefits including weight loss and fat burning, so don’t be afraid and buy steroids online. When you go to the bat grasping at ultra-high intensity, you are putting yourself at great risk of injury, because it makes all your joints and ligaments to the limit. There's even a good technique does not help. Where thinly, there is bound to tear. Where reasonable safe and longer work with " high " intensity, rather than forced to drive themselves to the " ultra-high" level of risk to be injured. In practice, this will mean the following. When you are " stuck " , do not try to bring forward to the end, and immediately start a slow return movement emphasized to add muscle stress in the negative phase.

All this does not mean that the addition of the number of repeats do not have to fight. However, the number of repetitions should be adequate muscle strength. So work out a little more with the same number of repetitions, and only then, when you gain strength, go to the extra repetition. Remember that, and repeats this you need to perform a technically perfect. If you squirm under the rod, then this " curve " repeat will not benefit. To avoid side effects of steroids for sale, do not increase the dose! Him and be counted for repetition is impossible.

I will not hide from you the truth, work with the " ultra-high " intensity, at least for many of us, it is the shortest way to success. However, this way is the most unpredictable. Too great a risk of injury.

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A sober assessment of themselves. If you have fine-boned skeleton and a life full of " straining " , this method is not for you. Each female bodybuilder, who is trying to burn more fat and pump more muscles, recourse to modern medicine and anabolics. In fact, why risk unnecessarily? You can get such a trauma, which generally negate your future.

After the muscle failure set can be extended in several ways. We are talking about the forced repetitions, " negatives " and "drop-sets " . Uprated called repetition that helps you perform a partner. " Negative " - an independent dropping weight after partners for you lift the weight at the top. " Drop set " - is when the weight is removed from the top of the bar as soon as you it can not cope, so you can continue the set with less weight. The main drawback of these devices is that they distract you from the priority - to make the most of the " standard " set. It is conventional sets, without any " tricks " are the basis of effective training. Everyone would like to maximize the impact of training, for this purpose steroids exist. If you are not able to properly perform the usual set, no tricks increasing the intensity of the case are not corrected.

You may ask, what about the Champions of experience applying and forced repetitions and drop-sets, and " negative " ? The fact that such techniques to the limit working muscle depletion, give out only in patients receiving steroid. Exceptions are not and can not. So an example of a pro for you no authority.